Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sexy Text Messages To Make Him Miss You

Do you want some sexy text messages to make your man miss you? If you're like most women, you want your man to be attentive, romantic, and passionate towards you.
How about having some fun with your guy and watch him drool all over you? It's really sad that some women have their men lie to them over and over again. They thought the relationship was going well, but all of sudden, he withdraws and loses interest.
I'm sure you don't want to have this to happen to you. If you learn how to create attraction in men, it's possible for your man to become really addicted to you as my man is to me.
I know how it feels to go from being totally frustrated with men to having men adore me. The difference is like night and day. I used to be really frustrated. I'd go out on dates, thought they went well and would never hear back from guys. I'd get intimate with a guy and after that wouldn't hear back from him. You can imagine how painful it is if you're in the same situation. Especially if you really have feelings for your guy and he just isn't stepping up.
After changing it around, I started talking to guys about their inner thoughts and it's pretty shocking what they confessed to me. Most men just wanted women to get them.
If you send men the right kind of text messages, suddenly you will have them starting to drool all over you. You have to follow a formula or it won't work. You have to get your girlfriends to read everything in this article too and follow the advice below or it won't work. Imagine going from complaining over and over again about men to having them totally into you. This is what happened to me when I followed the formula.
Some women send guys messages like, "I miss you" or "Hey how's it going?" to try to be nice. But those won't work to trigger his attraction for you. In order to make him miss you, you have to send messages to will make him use his imagination and give him the feeling he's having fun. When he starts to use his imagination, then his mind will do all the work. And all of a sudden you'll see him transform right before your eyes.
I started getting so many text messages that I couldn't keep up with them. And it's because I found and use certain scripts that get inside a man's mind. An example I've used that works is using this flirty text message: "I can't wait when you kiss me with your juicy lips and wrap your sexy arms around me"
It's important to have pre-written text messages ready to use instead of scrabbling to figure out how to respond. These messages will skyrocket his attraction for you.

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